I have been hearing from a growing number of priests that they are using some of the songs from my CD "My Heart At Worship" in their liturgical services. As a Catholic musician, I am deeply honored to supply music for that most holy celebration we call the mass.

To download the songs, right click on the link and select "download link to disk". Save the MP3s in a folder on your desktop.

Use a program like iTunes (a free program from Apple by clicking here) to import the songs into a library and burn a CD. Ask a computer savvy friend or relative to burn the CD for you if you need help.

"My Heart At Worship"
© 2005 Karl Kohlhase
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Printable cover

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Song Title
In The Name
Glory To God In The Highest
Psalm 136
Speak, Lord, Your Word
Holy, Holy, Holy
Lamb Of God
I Come


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