Ways you can help support this ministry:

1) Pray for me. I can do nothing without the grace of God.

2) Tell your friends and family about my site (www.k4communications.com).

3) Ask your church if they would be willing to add a link to my website on their church site or have a poster on their bulletin board. This site is a good free resource for your entire congregation!

I no longer am making and selling CDs, since all of my songs are available as free downloads, but you may purchase a copy from Prenatal Partners For Life. I have produced a compilation CD for them, in order to help this worthy organization raise funds for the cause of the unborn. The CD, entitled "Down The Road Of Bittersweet" is available at: www.prenatalpartnersforlife.org





Thank you
for your willingness
to help spread
the Word of Christ.

May God bless you.