October 9, 2013, Prayers Of The Saints and Prayer Starters
Two new video series. I set seven of my favorite prayers (from Sts. Francis, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross and others) on my YouTube Channel. Now I'm in the process of a new video series I'm calling Prayer Starters, which are a bunch of new songs for use in private prayer or corporate worship. I've uploaded ten of them so far.

April 11, 2013, Psalm Porject completed
I just uploaded the last of 150 Psalm settings on my YouTube Channel. I've also included the chord/lyric charts for them here.

August 6, 2012, New Project Idea after the Psalms are completed
I just uploaded the 104th Psalm on my YouTube channel, which includes a meditative music/image segment. It seems like an effective way to express spiritual ideas, so this has prompted me to work on a similar project for the Lord's Prayer. Recently I've been using this prayer as a skeletal guideline for a free-flowing silent meditation with heartfelt yearnings, which I have found to be quite refreshing. Perhaps the Lord will enable me to communicate some of that to others through this project. May His will be done.

January 31, 2011. New YouTube Channel: Psalms, Songs and Such
Click here to visit my new YouTube Channel. So far I've added 10 Psalms with short reflections on the texts. Lord willing I will be adding new videos on a very regular basis--perhaps weekly. I was in a bit of a creative slump, but this new project has my enthusiasm renewed. Praise the Lord for that! I hope that these videos will encourage people to think deeply on the Scriptures, which have been such a constant source of hope and inspiration for me. Your prayers are appreciated.

October 12, 2009. "The Eight Days Of Creation & The Song Of Eden"
I just completed a nine-page poem (with icons from antiquity) that takes a fresh look at the days of creation, as presented in the book of Genesis, in light of the revelation of Jesus Christ. My aim here is to show that when God speaks, His voice is unfathomably deep, and that people of the scientific community should not discount the Scriptures as a collection of outdated myths simply on the basis of shallow or immature interpretations of those Sacred Writings. Faith and reason walk hand in hand, which means that God, the Source and Ground of all truth, is not in the least bit afraid of authentic scientific inquiry and discovery. Think deeply. The Truth is seldom found by the casual observer.

Download "The Eight Days of Creation" PDF here

February 20, 2009

In honor of the upcoming 2009 Lenten Season, I've added a new section to the site entitled "Messianic Images". While I was studying about the Tabernacle of Moses in the book of Exodus, I started to find it rich with symbolic references to Christ. This inspired me to try to convey these thoughts through visual art. My hope is that the images will help viewers come to a deeper appreciation of those beautiful wounds of love which our Savior endured for our salvation.

Here they are!