Scribes And Pharisees

Blessed are the poor and meek
Share your bread with all the weak
Still you’ll have much more than these
Empty scribes and pharisees

Listen to their lovely speech
Making Heaven out of reach
But never mind the evil deeds
Of lying scribes and pharisees

They keep the children’s daily bread
The little lambs are left unfed
As they feast and take their ease
Fattened scribes and pharisees

Save us, Lord, from these
Woe to scribes and pharisees

Though their prayers are long and loud
Though they’re favored by the crowd
Never has the Lord been pleased
By likes of the scribes and pharisees

So let them sit upon their thrones
Whitewashed tombs and dried up bones
‘Tis the end of their disease
Woe to the scribes and pharisees

Save us, Lord, from these
Woe to scribes and pharisees

Words and Music by Karl Kohlhase
© 2003 karl kohlhase

Featured on "The Least Of These"


(Read Matthew Chapter 23)
"Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness."

My goal for this second CD was to boil down the teachings of Jesus into seven songs, hitting on the major themes that He emphasized during His public ministry. It was a tremendous challenge and a rewarding exercise that forced me to dig for the heartbeat and the essence of our Savior’s message.

Jesus spent so much of His earthly ministry confronting the scribes and Pharisees that I felt I would have been remiss to not include this song.

Sadly, I think the song is all too fitting for our present day and age. The pharisaical spirit lives on.

I dedicate this song to those who knowingly allow pedophile priests and pastors to linger in their posts. I dedicate this song to those who are more concerned about climbing the politcal ladder than proclaiming the Word of Christ. I dedicate this song to those who turn a blind eye to the widespread corruption of our so-called "Christian" universities and refuse to take a stand against liberal theology. I dedicate this song to all who are offended by it, for it only offends those who bear resemblance to these scoundrels, for whom Christ reserves His most severe condemnation.

Please note: There are LOTS of good priests, pastors and bishops serving the body of Christ today, who seek the Lord with all their hearts and proclaim the Word tirelessly. To you I say, "Thank you. My prayers are with you. Fight the good fight, and stand your ground. God be with you!"






In writing Christian music,
lyrics have to be
the heartbeat of the song.
After all, it is the lyrics
that primarily distinguish Christian music
from secular music.
It's not the only mark
of distinction,
but it is
the most important.