Their cheers have turned to mocking
Their palms have turned to stone
Hosannas turn to mourning
For a King without a throne
The rocks alone cry out with joy
To pave that cobbled street
Becoming hallowed ground
Each stone that bears its Maker’s feet

Staggering, stumbling down that dusty road

Behold the Word Incarnate
The Son of God made Man
Whose power knows no limit
Yet now can barely stand
Who can comprehend the depths
Of love’s great mystery?
With each determined step
He bears His cross to Calvary

Staggering, stumbling down that dusty road

His eyes pierce through the ages
And plead with you and me
To share His yoke of suffering
Like Simon of Cyrene
For all who claim to be His own
Must prove their love in deeds
Deny yourself, take up your cross
And follow where He leads

Staggering, stumbling down that dusty road


Words and Music for Lent by Karl Kohlhase
© 2008 karl kohlhase

Featured on "For Me"


My goal with this CD was to provide a musical resource for Lent. Contemplation of our Lord's wounds is a wonderful way to stir our hearts to love. I pray these simple songs for Lent will help listeners come to a deeper appreciation for our Lord's Passion.







In writing Christian music,
lyrics have to be
the heartbeat of the song.
After all, it is the lyrics
that primarily distinguish Christian music
from secular music.
It's not the only mark
of distinction,
but it is
the most important.