Meditations On Exouds (2016)
A sixty-three page booklet of poetic reflections that expore the mystical depths of Exodus, chapter by chapter. Here I explore how Moses hinted of the epic Exodus out of sin and death, made possible by the blood of the Crucified Lamb.
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Meditations On Genesis (2016)
A sixty-eight page booklet of poetic reflections that expore the mystical depths of Genesis, chapter by chapter. These meditiations are designed to be mini springboards which will hopefully inspire contemplatives to dive a little deeper than the literal sense of the Old Testament Scriptures.
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The Eight Days Of Creation & The Song Of Eden (2009)
A nine-page poem (with icons from antiquity) that takes a fresh look at the days of creation, as presented in the book of Genesis, in light of the revelation of Jesus Christ. My aim here is to show that when God speaks, His voice is unfathomably deep, and that people of the scientific community should not discount the Scriptures as a collection of outdated myths simply on the basis of shallow or immature interpretations of those Sacred Writings. Faith and reason walk hand in hand, which means that God, the Source and Ground of all truth, is not in the least bit afraid of authentic scientific inquiry and discovery. Think deeply. The Truth is seldom found by the casual observer.
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Contemplating The Music Of Heaven (2008)
A twelve-page poem of love and adoration that explores the sweet benefits of an increasingly contemplative life.
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How I Came To Call Her Blessed (2008)
The confessions of a former Protestant. One of the biggest obstacles to Ecumenism today is the existence of misconceptions regarding Catholics and the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is my prayer that this little book will clear up some of those misconceptions and help people learn to embrace this beautiful gift that Christ lovingly bequeathed to us from the cross.
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The Contemplation Of Zacharias (2007)
A seven page reflection written from the vantage point of Zacharias, John the Baptist's father. It begins: "Who is this young girl who calls herself the Lord’s handmaiden and whose presence has graced our home for these past three months?"
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The Crowning of Saint Jonh (2007)
A short meditation on what it might be like to enter Heaven. I wrote this from Saint John's perspective, as I wanted to explore the unique relationship he must have enjoyed with our Lord's Blessed Mother, which (I imagine) affords him a special place in the Kingdom.
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When You See My King (2007)
A parable that explores the soul's aspiration to give its best for the glory and honor of the Lord.
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