Messianic Images

New Site Addition for Lent, 2009!
"Contemplative Art" perhaps would be the best way to describe this series of Messianic images, which were inspired by my personal study of the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temple of Solomon. By clicking on one of the below images, you will launch a full-size view. Be sure to scroll down once you get there, if you would like to read my thoughts relating to each image.

May these images inspire you to a profound appreciation of our Savior's wounds of love. Think deeply.

"The Missing Rib of the Tabernacle"

This first image explores symbolic connections between the Tabernacle that Moses was commanded to build and the saving work of Jesus Christ. Click HERE.

"Five Wounds and the Western Wall"

Explores the possibility that the 5 connecting rods used to connect the Tabernacle's Western wall may strikingly represent the 5 piercing wounds of Christ. Click HERE.

"The Ark of Salvation"

Explores thought-provoking symbolic connections between the Tabernacle, Noah's Ark, and Jesus Christ. Click HERE.

"Enter His Gates"

Shows how the gates of Solomon's Temple, as portrayed in Ezekiel's vision may vividly depict the 5 principle wounds of the Lord Jesus. Click HERE.

"His Banner Over Me"

Shows how the Shroud of Turin seems to support the above theory. Click HERE.

"The Eastern Gates of the Temple"

Explores Ezekiel's vision of the closed Eastern Gates of the Temple, which symbolically prefigure the Virgin Birth. Click HERE.

"Theotokos (God-Bearer)"

Depicts the Incarnation of Christ through the Blessed Virgin Mary, using Old Testament symbols . Click HERE.








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